The Pangent Technologies Twitter is associated with X, as well as with the automated scripts and catchphrases which give it a cold, mechanical feeling. The Twitter takes place at the exact same time as the Tumblr, which is a long time before the Youtube videos [especially The Cube videos].

Also, the Twitter account is often used to accept real-time input from users, as if they're being tested by an automated script about their understanding of certain details. This may unlock new features for the Youtube channel etc.

The Twitter was originally run by The Woman [identified as "Lottie" twice], who later deleted all the posts from May 2010 to December 2016 after an embarrassing incident where she, her assistant X and his assistant Leslie fought with various "egg" accounts (all real-life users), and then had to run damage control and make the account seem more professional.

The first few remaining posts on the Twitter appear to come from The Woman, at first in a state of confusion, and then helping users administer their personality tests. X then takes over, but is unable to deal with the live users' harassment. He breaks down crying and bullies them.

After this incident, X is promoted and Lottie is demoted so that she can do damage control. This was covered in real time on both the Tumblr and Twitter, with her reactions on Tumblr. Later on Tumblr, Lottie would attempt to reconstruct the deleted Twitter data, on orders from X. The data dump overloaded the server. Pangent Tech became an egg account and its website was deleted entirely. Lottie was fired for this. (Temporarily?)

By its nature, Twitter is a bit hard to archive, but user Taurtini preserved some important stuff here: