The Pangent Technologies Personality Test is a computer application made in RenPy. It's a standard "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree" personality test in OCEAN format. Some of the questions are very disturbing. At times it seems to be interrupted by The Woman and possibly the Man.

It can be downloaded here.

It gives the test subject scores in the following traits:

  • "Extroversion (X) is the personality trait of seeking fulfillment from sources outside the self or in community. High scorers tend to be very social while low scorers prefer to work on their projects alone."
  • "Conscientiousness (B) is the personality trait of being honest and hardworking. High scorers tend to follow rules and prefer clean homes. Low scorers may be messy and cheat others."
  • "Openness to Experience (C) is the personality trait of seeking new experience and intellectual pursuits. High scorers may daydream a lot. Low scorers may be very down to earth."
  • "Agreeableness (R) reflects much individuals adjust their behavior to suit others. High scorers are typically polite and like people. Low scorers tend to 'tell it like it is'."     
  • "Neuroticism (E) is the personality trait of being emotional."

Each one of these corresponds to a character (X, Bill, Charlotte, Rachel, Eric).

On her Tumblr, The Woman / Argentina refers to an early version of the test which uses the initials E C O R N instead. There are hints that she eventually wrote a version of the test for Pangent.

"The Pangent Technologies Personality Test says I’m Posh Spice, but I’m gonna rewrite the code so that I’m Ginger." - Argentina