Pangent Technologies is the fictional company behind the tumblr and


the twitter @pangenttech. They offer a free personality test in place of a job application, which is linked to in video "Personality."

Pangent employees include:

"The Woman / Argentina" who runs the Tumblr blog (and worked at the London and Buenos Aires offices)

X [Argentina's assistant and later boss at the London office, who generally runs the Twitter]

Sharon [Argentina's assistant and friend]

Leslie [X's assistant].

150 people worked in the London office.

    "Thank you for your interest in Pangent Technologies."

"We are always searching for the brightest minds of today, to build a brighter tomorrow."

"For twenty years, our offices in London and New York, and more recently Marseille, Vancouver and Buenos Aires, have served as a beacon of technological research and progress for the world at large."

"Our employees are selected from the best and most qualified science and technology workers alive today, and work at a standard and pace unknown outside of our walls."

"At Pangent Technologies, we don't invent technology. We reinvent technology."

"This is a personality test. It is designed to help us, and help you, understand why you act the way that you do, and to understand how your personality is structured."   

"Your answers are confidential and known only to you. They will not be uploaded, judged or graded at this time."    

"If you are selected for further consideration at our offices, you may be graded, retrained and restructured based on your average response to these stimuli."

"Do you agree to these terms?"