A cute pangent.

During the course of the ARG, the community has created a few memes regarding Pangent Technology, most notably how Charlotte calls penguins "pangents".

"No I don't care what pangent actually means. (very bad Latin)" - Argentina, Tumblr

Sergio Agüero Edit

The first people to play the game found accidental references to footballer Sergio Aguero in Youtube's Automatic Subtitles. While originally this was unrelated to the Signal and Noise project, the Argentinian athlete has been referenced continually since, originally as a tribute to the first players. Sergio's name appears in the code for Pangent Techologies Personality Test. Several images of Sergio were also found on the Tumblr page. The Woman calls him "boyfriend," and often jokes about him. The Twitter account follows @aguerosergiokun and @MCFCEspanol (Manchester Football Club, Spanish Twitter). The Youtube channel has linked to a video of Sergio Aguero, as did X on the Twitter account. X said he's a Man U fan, that he's tried to get (Lottie) interested in football, to have something to talk to her about, and that he sends her that video twice a day as a joke, calling it important. Both X and The Woman have said "Ball is life," and The Woman/Argentina's Youtube videos have often included soccer terminology. The Woman uses the password "Argentina."

Jeff Goldblum Edit

"you ever feel like jeff goldblum in a richard attenborough world?" - Argentina

An early Tumblr post shows an iPhone screenshot, with Jeff Goldblum as the wallpaper image. The Twitter account follows @JeffGoldblum, but it seems to be a dupe account.

March of the Pangents Edit

Due to her employment at Pangent Technologies, Charlotte has a habit of calling penguins "pangents". Due to this, there was a picture of a penguin plush on the Twitter account. The same image was posted on the Tumblr. However, it only took off as a meme when Charlotte posts images of her "pillow covered with cat hair and adorable winter pangents". As the Chatzy derailed into talking purely about "pangents", the Tumblr account posts "No I don’t care what Pangent actually means". User Intrigued_voyager created this which was found by Charlotte. While gathering the list of videos with authorship of "argentina" and "conscioushumansouls", a Google Sheet was created by the community and found by Charlotte, which was sent by an e-mail with an unreadable address which "doesn’t even have an @ in it". In the Google sheet, hidden to the right was a recreation of a "pangent" in ASCII placed by user Jon_Core.[1] A Pangent Convention (pangentcon) has been made by user safari.

Egg Edit

Before Christmas, Charlotte has a meltdown on Tumblr which results in her temporary firing from Pangent. X, her former assistant, has her writing script to recover lost Twitter data. She has some success at first (thanks to Twitter users who were playing in real time), but the system hangs when she asks for the full data dump. The Pangent website is deleted and Pangent's Twitter reduced to an egg (an empty/ new account). Charlotte, having a breakdown, references eggs and chickens the rest of the night. "I FUCKIEGG" "DO YOU THINK THIS IS A FUCKIEGG GAME"

The Mayor Edit

Leslie's cat. Reelect Mayor Sassenheim. Vote Sassenheim 2k16. (Mayor Sassenheim not pictured.)


 :-? If we reverse... Edit

A user suggested to reverse the inputted chronology that had been rejected at 40%, so as to get a score of 60%. (For obvious reasons, this wouldn't work.). Users then began to suggest that other things should be reversed. In the Chatzy, this is accompanied by the "Thinking" icon. Later, the Twitter suggested that Leslie reverse the code of the script to make it function in reverse. Leslie laughed at X's lack of understanding of how the scripts function. [2]