Category: Coded Messages.

This page is for collecting all known nonogram puzzles. Each nonogram should be numbered in order.

Nonogram Example

An example of a solved nonogram.

A nonogram is a grid-based puzzle with numbers displayed on the side. Solving the puzzle gradually reveals an image similar to simple pixel art. The nonograms in this ARG have revealed both images and binary clues, arranged in blocks of eight pixels. Generally, nonograms are solved by filling in known blocks, and using those to confirm further blocks.

On her Tumblr account, the Woman has sometimes referred to nonograms, which she enjoyed and created as a kid, in particular nonograms which have two equally probable solutions.

This is often true in Signal and Noise itself.

Nonograms have carried messages from both The Man and The Woman. Users may be stumped on a letter or two, as there are sometimes two or more equally probable solutions. This is due to the nature of the binary code - changing it to make it easier to solve would change the code.

"Man, I used to love these puzzles when I was a kid.

Being nerdically inclined, I’d even get graph paper and make my own.

The thing you learn when you do that is that not every puzzle can be solved.

A lot of times there’s two solutions, either of which would work numerically based on the grid you have.

Technically it’s unsolvable. A computer would call it unsolvable.

But it isn’t.

You try both and go with the one which makes the better picture." - Argentina, Tumblr