likeaseagull is an unlisted video on the channel Signal And Noise, found via the spectrogram of watchingme.



Title: Edit

6c 7a 71 69 6e 6c 6d 6e 67 75 63 72 Edit

Hexidecimal translates to "lzqinlmngucr"

Key: argentina

Decrypts to "likeaseagull"

Description: Edit

This video contains no description on youtube.

Audio Edit

Transcript: Edit

[without audio] The truth is, we're all built to die.

[with audio] I'm taking it. All the work. Every page, every thought I've ever had.

[Backwards audio:] You don't own my mind.

Spectrogram: Edit

This video contains two spectrograms. The first reads:

for what it's worth i lived a very long time. for rachel.

6c7a71696e6c6d6e67756372 pt1

The second leads to another unlisted youtube video that was originally unavailable until the players unlocked it.


6c7a71696e6c6d6e67756372 pt2