Eric is the name given by the male character in "The Cube" in the Original Six Videos (see "Complete") on the Youtube channel. He may also be known by the cipher code "conscioushumansouls." It is believed that this character is one of two characters now running the Youtube channel, the other being a woman (known to use cipher code Argentina). Both characters, but especially Eric, seem to also use cipher codes "signalandnoise" and "pangent." He is believed to be the character "E" mentioned in the Pangent Technologies Tumblr account and Personality Test. The Woman running the Tumblr account (which takes place before the Youtube channel) calls E "weird" and later dates him over Christmas 2016.

A male figure appears in the Youtube video "already." This may be Eric, though he does not speak. A photograph of a male figure with glasses was also shared on mediafire via video "four." From its metadata, this photo was taken in 2005.

Outside of canon, the male creator of the Signal and Noise project has referred to himself as "Eric" during chat. This creator has used the username /four. Messages by "/four" have appeared verbatim on the Youtube channel as clues from "Eric/conscioushumansouls". The username "/four" referred to the Original Six Videos, and that the creator used to speak to chat rooms mostly through video "four." When the Pangent Personality Test was released, suggesting five different personality types (or characters), "/four" suggested his name meant that he was the fourth of those five characters (E), the fifth being X.

"Neuroticism (E) is the personality trait of being emotional."

Several of Eric's messages are labelled "Regret."

In "Complete," Eric says he was married to Charlotte/Lottie (C) and had a daughter.

The Twitter and Tumblr have often asked users to organize all the Youtube messages from Eric (often encoded as "conscioushumansouls") into one document.