"Argentina" is a vigenere cipher code used in text messages from a female character at the Signal and Noise Youtube channel. There appear to be two characters at the Youtube channel, a man believed to be (Eric/ConsciousHumanSouls) and a woman (Argentina). The woman also seems to occasionally use the cipher codes "SignalandNoise" and "Pangent," which are also used by Eric/CHS.

The Twitter and Youtube accounts have both suggested that the Youtube channel has two authors, presumably the man and woman from the Original Six Videos (see video "Complete").

The woman's name is believed to be either Lottie (Charlotte) or Rachel (R). Both names are said in video "Complete." She may be the user running the Pangent Technologies Tumblr account as well. We see the same woman at Youtube, Tumblr and briefly on Twitter.

Pangent Technologies had or has an office in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Soccer player Sergio Agüero, who the Tumblr user seems to have an interest in, is also from Argentina.

While requesting input, the Twitter and Tumblr have often asked users to organize all the Youtube messages from "Argentina" into one document, to clarify the story. This suggests strongly that the Youtube messages are not sent in chronological order.

Known messages from "Argentina" include:

"Patience is not one of my virtues. When you're a kid, you touch the stove and it burns your hand. so you know not to touch that anymore. it's hot. kids understand but adults don't listen. alcohol poisons us. it causes brain damage. so we drink every night. we want to prove we're bigger than god. we don't do as we're told. we sleep during the day and build waterparks in the desert. we do it because we can. and what if it worked? years from now or maybe tomorrow? and i was the one who figured it out? if i was the prototype? how could i live with myself? well, i guess i'd have to. my god. when i got the job they said you're here because you want to change the world. well, change isn't always for the better. if i trusted them, if i trusted the world, we could make a paradise. but we wouldn't, would we? this is everything i ever worked for, and if we ever got it right it would break the world. i don't believe in god but i know i'm not bigger than god. i used to love my job. i would burn that place down without a second thought."